Tag: Uniqueness

  • Your uniqueness grows one feature at a time – 027

    The way you play or sing, your posture, your sound quality, your sight-reading ability, your smile when you perform... Whatever you identify, pick one that makes your heart leap a little bit... that one thing you do in which you find joy, or that makes you smile when you think of it.

  • No-one has experienced your life – 026

    It remains by far the most thrilling part of my job as a conductor - seeing an ensemble accomplish far more than they thought possible, not because they were copying anyone else, but because they found their own way, individually AND collectively, to be better musicians.

  • Cloning our heroes – 025

    mes we start life by replicating others. Your master or role model hasn't lived the life you have, and therefore you should not expect to live their life, either.

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