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  • How musicians are being held hostage by their limiting beliefs – 028

    Attention-grabbing headlines turn heads and sensationalize what might otherwise be just a strong, solid response to a problem, not an actual hostage situation.

  • Exploring one thing at a time – 024

    Probably two of the biggest problems we have in society are the need to appear busy, and multi-tasking. Perhaps the worst of society's social wannabes are those who do both!

  • We only know what we’re exposed to – 023

    Our teachers have their own interests, and many times if we like that teacher or that had a strong impact on us, then we follow just what we have experienced from that perspective. Exposing our students to multiple styles and genres of music is a rare thing among music teachers.

  • We choose what we study – 022

    Because musicians focus so much on the technical aspect of performing, many of them get labelled and boxed into believing they are only good at that one thing.

  • Discover, share, humiliate, retreat – 021

    When we constantly compete we develop really bad habits and attitudes. One consequence of this is how we grow into introverts and extroverts.

  • Always competing with each other – 020

    Constantly competing against others to be the best performer is, quite literally, a futile distraction that will hold you back. Aim to be the best you, instead.

  • Nothing was ever good enough – 019

    There might be truth in the Ali Krieger's approach "there's always room for improvement." The Corporate world is very fond of that phrase. I was always told someone else was doing it better, succeeding better, accomplishing more.

  • Labels eliminate individual uniqueness – 018

    One of the most damaging aspects of boxing people into convenient labels is that they then begin to believe it themselves.

  • Labels Disregard Context – 017

    belled that way. In fact, they might be an expert at something else altogether.

  • Labels Expose Judgment – 016

    Usually we box things into what we like and don't like. We add opinion and judgment to a situation in order to remember it. Most of the time, we use negative responses to create labels under the mistaken belief that doing so helps us avoid unwanted situations in the future.

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