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  • Beyond the notes – 012

    My pencils, t-shirts, mugs and website have been saying "There's more to music than music" for well over a decade. Why might that be?

  • Do we acknowledge emotions at all? – 011

    The medical profession is woefully behind those who speak the language of emotions when it comes to recognizing they exist, they determine our behavior, and that they are directly influenced by music.

  • Musicians living in their heads – 010

    Everyone in society may be convicted of this behavior. Problem is, because of the constantly self-critical nature of being a musician, we can get lost. And that benefits just about no-one.

  • Why do public spaces play music? – 009

    Perhaps the science behind why music is piped into stations, malls and public restrooms has a more direct influence on live performers than we've previously considered.

  • Letting Go – 008

    When you let go of a bird you've been cradling or a cat you've been caressing, who are you actually setting free? Musicians have exactly the same effect when they perform.

  • Space to process thoughts, emotions and feelings – 007

    Musicians have a wonderful and tremendous responsibility, and have a much bigger impact on individuals and society as a whole than many of them realize.

  • The Goosebump Effect – 006

    With all our advances in science and technology, they still can't explain this one! What's it about, and why should you care?

  • Castles or Crayons? – 005

    There are two ways to approach what we do. Neither is right or wrong. One may be more appropriate than the other in specific circumstances. But, both are needed.

  • It’s easier for the British to make good music – 004

    There's a consequence to wearing your thoughts, feelings and emotions on your sleeve for all to see and hear... which is why, generally, the British are very good at expressing themselves through music!

  • You don’t need a trophy – 003

    It's true: competitions give performers a challenge to accomplish. But not winning usually has dire consequences on a musician's mindset and life. It all comes down to who you are trying to please.

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